Let’s Live

There are mountains I haven’t climbed

And there are beaches I haven’t touched

With my feet covered in sand and broken shells.

There are eyes in which I haven’t looked

Joyously or worried to death.

There are steps I haven’t taken

And dreams I haven’t dreamt

There are games I haven’t played

But stared instead at the stars

And wondered how it would be

To string them one by one

In a necklace of infinite possibilities.

What is it that you want to learn in this life,

Beautiful soul of mine?

What is it that you desire to feel?

Let’s enjoy this life

Knowing that we may disappear in an instant…

And the world would go on

As if we have never been


Let’s breath the air,

Knowing and not knowing

That we breath.

Let’s walk the Earth,

And kiss her with our feet,

In love with the grass

And its moisture

From the dew of the summer morning.

Let’s look at the clouds

How they pass by,

Fluffy and white and tender,

Waiting for the eyes of a child

To embrace them.

Let’s live,

Let’s live.

19 septembrie 2021